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Pakistan is unfortunately among the developing countries struggling with the constantly increasing burden of infectious diseases and their long-lasting effects. Infectious diseases pose a serious threat as they exert increased morbidity and mortality rate which eventually results in increased health care costs.

One of the major barriers in preventing and fighting these diseases is the inappropriate arrangement of awareness for the masses and the lack of proper and ample information. Precaution is always better than cure, but we need to transmit this mindset to the public for their better understanding.  The situation is challenging for us because we have limited resources and exposure to technologies.

Public Awareness aims at educating people through seminars, webinars, walks, social media, and door-to-door awareness programs. The purpose is to engage youth to properly guide and educate the masses about the prevention and control of infectious diseases, starting from the basic hygienic habits they can adopt. The focus of this program is to create such a communication link that will be trustworthy for the public.

The components of this program include Safe Blood Donation Seminars, Hand Hygiene Awareness Drives in schools, Hepatitis Awareness Campaigns, and awareness about other infectious diseases like Polio, Rabies, Malaria, Dengue, COVID-19, TB, HIV, Typhoid, and Oral Hygiene. We also aim at guiding the healthcare officials and staff about the preventive and infection surveillance procedures, routines, and policies adapted to the optimal infection control level needed to tackle today’s microbes/germs in hospital practice.

In the year 2022, we managed to conduct 67 Public Awareness projects about multiple infectious diseases and covered 58+ different areas comprising about 15400+ people with the help of our volunteers.

We aspire to take these numbers to a new level and try to educate maximum people about the importance of treatment against infectious diseases and the basic preventive measures they can adopt to secure themselves.


1World Tuberculosis Day (M)24thMarch
2World Malaria Day (O)25thApril
3World Immunization Week (O)24th-30th
4World Blood Donor Day (O)14thJune
5World Hepatitis Day (M)28thJuly
6World Patients Safety Day (O)17thSeptember
7Infection Prevention Week (M)14th-20thOctober
8Global Hand Washing Day (M)15th
9World AIDS Day (M)1stDecember
10Infectious Outbreaks – Quick Response (O)  
  • (M): For Mandatory Activities 

  • (O): For Optional Activities 

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