Hepatitis Prevention and Control

About Program

Pakistan ranks second among the league of nations when it comes to the prevalence of Hepatitis C, only after Egypt. About 7-9 million population of Pakistan is a carrier of hepatitis B. Despite launching the “Hepatitis Control Program” in 2009, the prevalence rate of hepatitis B & C is the same as it was in 2007.

People infected with Hepatitis B and C usually have no symptoms. The treatment of viral hepatitis is very expensive and poses a great financial burden on the economy of the country. Unfortunately, healthcare facilities have become a harbor for spreading Hepatitis B and C. 

VFAHT is serving as the task force in the fight for the eradication of Hepatitis B and C in Pakistan. It conducts different projects under the banner of the prevention and control program.

Fight The Bite Awareness Camp

We encourage students to join the largest volunteer body of Pakistan. Students currently enrolled in any HEC recognized institute from across Pakistan are eligible to apply.

Step 1
  1.  Write an email to president.vfaht@ipacfoundation.org, sharing your interest in forming a local chapter at your institution. You will receive a formal invitation along with further instructions within 3-5 businsess days.

  2.  Gather a team of 5-15 like-minded students who are interested in volunteering.

  3.  Arrange and attend an Orientation Session with the Expansion and Outreach Team of VFAHT. The date and time of this session will be coordinated via email.
Step 2
  1. Get the necessary documents (e.g Introductory presentations, application form templates, etc.) from the Expansion and Outreach Team VFAHT, required for the establishment process.

  2. Approach an active faculty member (Usually a Head of Department), brief him/her about this student organization, its mission, and the past activities.

  3. Take the faculty member on-board and invite him/her to become the ‘Faculty Staff President’ of the local chapter at your institution.

  4. Get a signed and stamped ‘Recommendation letter to the Head of Institute’ from the Faculty Staff President.

  5. Approach the Head of Institute/Registrar/Head of Student Affairs.

  6. Ask for permission to establish a student body and conduct activities from the Head of Institute.

  7. Invite Head of Institute to become the ‘Patron-In-Chief’ of the student body.
Fight The Bite Awareness Camp
    1. Create a Facebook page of the local council e.g. VFAHT-AIMC.
    1. Create a Gmail account for formal coordination e.g. vfaht.aimc@gmail.com.
  1. Start the recruitment of volunteers according to ‘Selection Process of Local Council’.


Screening Camps

Community Awareness Campaigns

Capacity Building Training