Public Awareness

Creating a hepatitis free future : Together we can

August 17, 2023
University of Lahore
August 17, 2023
Online – Social Media


The efforts of the hepatitis A and E awareness event organized by VFHAT-UCMD in collaboration with UCMD.LENS were aimed at educating the public about the diseases and promoting preventive measures. The event included the creation of an informative video that was both comprehensive and impactful. It included the coverage of disease introduction, transmission modes, signs and symptoms and precautionary measures. The video additionally featured expert opinions from microbiologist Dr. Tahir Naeem and gastroenterologist Dr. Atif Masood who added credibility. The major goal revolving around the event was to spread public awareness and education about hepatitis A and E and emphasize vaccination as a mode of prevention in addition to other precautionary measures.“Spread Love, Not Hepatitis”