Apply For VFAHT Allies

How To Join VFAHT Allies

VFAHT provides students a great opportunity to hone their leadership abilities and creative thinking in order to better serve the country. Its goal is to guide young people toward being accountable and useful contributors to society. Volunteers who cannot officially announce the establishment of a VFAHT local council in their respective colleges or universities, due to administration policies, can become a part of VFAHT under the name of “ VFAHT Allies ”.

Becoming an ally of VFAHT offers a pathway to skill development and refinement, fostering a stronger connection to the community for a healthier living environment. Volunteering one’s time not only facilitates the creation of new friendships but also expands professional networks and enhances both personal and career skills, providing excellent prospects for higher education.

VFAHT Allies gain access to a growing network of passionate professionals in the fields of medicine and dentistry. This network serves as a source of inspiration, instilling belief in oneself and motivating individuals to realize their full potential in life.

Who can Apply?

Eligibility to apply is extended to students currently enrolled in any Higher Education Commission (HEC) recognized institute across Pakistan.

How To Apply?

  • The application process involves forming a team of 5-15 like-minded students interested in volunteering, followed by submitting a membership application by clicking here.
  • The recruitment of Allies follows a selection process similar to that of local councils.
  • Detailed guidelines for VFAHT Allies can be found on the website.
  • Upon completion of the application process, aspiring volunteers can expect approval as VFAHT Allies within 3 to 5 business days.