Public Awareness

Tuberculosis Awareness Campaign

June 19, 2023
Civil Hospital. Karachi
June 19, 2023
Civil Hospital. Karachi


Pakistan ranks 5th amongst the high burden countries in the world when it comes to Tuberculosis (TB).VFAHT DUHS organized an Awareness Session on the disease with the objectives:

  • To spread Awareness regarding the symptoms , transmission and prevention of TB.
  • To educate people regarding TB vaccinations and its treatment.
  • To encourage people to further educate their families about TB and seek early treatment.

A group of 40 medical student volunteers who were split into groups of 5, were briefed on how to approach people and what message to get across to the people at civil hospital. Each volunteer was then distributed pamphlets to be given out. Each group was then given different locations at civil hospital to spread awareness.About a 200 audiences were reached via this awareness campaign and the message was well-received.

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