Volunteers Training and Development Program

Volunteer Force Against Hepatitis Transmission (VFAHT) is a volunteer organization working for public health (PH) in general; and infection prevention and control (IPC) in particular. More than 1500 active volunteers (enrolled medical and dental students across Pakistan) are part of VFAHT. The organization educates these volunteers with basic and advanced tools of public health (PH) and infection prevention and control (IPC). These volunteers then educate the communities utilizing these learned tools. VFAHT is currently focusing on 5 major projects under the volunteer development program for medical and dental students Hepatitis Prevention and Control, HIV Prevention and Control, TB Prevention and Control, Malaria/Dengue Prevention and Control, and Immunization. It also provides capacity building and activity management training to the volunteers to boost their management and leadership skills.

Volunteers Training and Development Program 






Embrace Not Disgrace | HIV Story Writing Competition 

May 09- June 09, 2021 



Allama Iqbal Medical College 

University of Lahore 

Fatima Jinnah Medical University 

Under Shadow of a Pandemic, COVID One Year Later! 

June 28, 2021 

Aga Khan University 


Aga Khan University 

Hepatitis Awareness and Volunteers Orientation Session 


September 15, 2021 

Services Institute of Medical Sciences, Lahore   


Services Institute of Medical Sciences, Lahore   

History Taking Workshop 

November 22, 2021 

Dow University of Health Sciences 


Dow University of Health Sciences 

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Contact Us
Asia Kausar
Manager, Volunteers Development Programme
Mobile: +92 320 4408150
Email: admin.vfaht@ipacfoundation.org
VFAHT Office
Infection Prevention and Control Foundation
1st Floor, 50 CCA, Sector C, Phase 6, DHA Lahore, Pakistan, 54000