Public Awareness

Spreading Awareness And Making A Meaningful Impact, One Salon At A Time!

August 04, 2023
Jinnah Sindh Medical University and United Medical & Dental College
August 04, 2023
Local Saloons and Barber Shops, Karachi


On Aug 4 and 5, 2023, VFAHT JSMU and VFAHT UMDC, on account of World Hepatitis Awareness Day, reached out to our local salons. This collaborative initiative focuses on the crucial importance of practicing safe equipment usage and proper disposal methods along with distributing the souvenirs to them. The supplemental kits for roadside barber shops, included a bandage, an alcohol swab, hand gloves, and a 150ml bottle of Dettol.

The salon staff was attentive to learning about hepatitis. Some salons lacked basic knowledge about hepatitis and cleanliness but were eager to learn about the disease. By emphasizing the importance of safe equipment use and proper disposal, we’re encouraging a culture of health consciousness that extends far beyond the salon doors!

Overall, the teams received favorable feedback, and the campaign was successful.

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