ABC of Hepatitis - First step towards a Hepatitis free Pakistan

November 8, 2020

Dow University of Health Sciences

November 8, 2020


Event Details:

This workshop was organized by VFAHT DUHS in collaboration with Patients’ Welfare Association (PWA) 

This workshop was designed for medical students, and was aimed at spreading knowledge regarding safe blood donation practices (the domain of our partner organization), Hepatitis B & C (with special emphasis on its transmission and prevention), and debunking common myths surrounding it. 

Our event started with PWA’s 15-minute presentation on the importance of blood screening. This was then followed by a short fun activity where the participants were required to come up with as many small words as they can using the word Hepatitis. 

Next, VFAHT was introduced by our Local Council member, Areeba, and then a presentation was delivered by Dr. Aiman Sheikh, covering the basics of Hepatitis B & C. After this, an activity was conducted, where various statements regarding Hepatitis were displayed to the participants and they were required to identify whether they were myths or facts. The event was eventually concluded by taking feedback from all the participants, and asking them about the one new thing they learnt from the workshop. 

All the participants were made to fill a pre & post assessment form aimed to assess their knowledge about Hepatitis before and after the workshop. E-certificates were handed out to them afterwards. 

In conclusion, we believe that this workshop was successful in achieving its aims, and was very well-received by all participants.