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Hepatitis Screening Camp

October 27, 2020
Rawalpindi Medical University

October 27, 2020

Dar Ali bin Abi Talib Orphanage School, Islamabad

Event Details:

VFAHT-RMU arranged a Hepatitis Screening Camp under the supervision of Dr. Shazia (In-charge at the Department of Medical Education, DME). This camp included Hepatitis B&C Screening and General Physical Examination of 140+ kids from 7 to 18 years of age at “Dar Ali bin Abi Talib Orphanage School.” The screening started at 9 am, conducted by the members of the Local Council and a Lab Technician. The screening ended at approximately 5 pm.

This activity was a collaborative effort between VFAHT-RMU and the Faculty of Rawalpindi Medical University. The objective was to provide the basic health facilities to the underprivileged or unprivileged community of society.

This activity comprised of Two Phases:

The first phase was held on the campus of Rawalpindi Medical University. It comprised of a workshop in which, under the supervision of the Faculty Member, a skilled Lab Technician taught blood screening methods to newly recruited members. He also described the experiences of previous screening camps. The importance of having a good command of GPE was also explained. The faculty member also helped volunteers to practice Hands-on training. Strict precautions were taken and all SOPs were followed at this workshop, in the wake of the coronavirus.

The second phase took place at the Orphanage School. General Physical Examination of all kids was performed. After GPE, the screening of 140+ kids against Hepatitis B & C was done. These kids are the future of the nation.
The workshop and the Screening Camp were conducted successfully. All participants learned a lot and the feedback from the faculty of the orphanage was extremely satisfying.

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