Campus Activity

Introductory Seminar on Hepatitis

February 02, 2020

University of Lahore

February 02, 2020

University of Lahore

Event Details:

The objective of this activity was to introduce the newly selected local council to the objectives, past activities, and future events of VFAHT and to assign the task to directors about their divisions. 

The event started with the recitation of the Holy Quran by Faraz Abdullah from the media team. It was preceded by the address of Sarah Saleem Ch. the vice president, and Leena Hamdani the treasurer, on the past activities of VFAHT UOL LC. Then M. Mumtaz Khan the president, and Khalid Farooq, the vice president addressed the planned future activities for the newly selected local council. President M. Mumtaz Khan also addressed the newly founded IPAC foundation, its website, VFAHT national council, and the activity management for the directors of all divisions. The staff president and HOD Pathology UCMD UOL, Professor Dr. Mulazim Bukhari made the closing remarks. The media team covered the event and took photos. The slides were displayed on a multimedia projector. At the end of the event, a group photo of the complete local council was taken.

The event met all its objectives. The local council was briefed about the past events, future events, the working of the National Council, the Foundation, and the mission of IPAC, and directors were briefed about the events they are supposed to organize throughout the term. 

Event Gallery:


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