Campus Activity

Hepatitis Screening Camp

January 26, 2020
Shifa Tameer E Millat University

January 26, 2020

Sunbeams School, Shah Allah Ditta, Islamabad

Event Details:

The purpose of this activity was to screen the registered patients for Hepatitis B and C along with running an awareness campaign for this disease. The VFAHT STMU team reached the Sunbeams school in Shah Allah Ditta, Islamabad at 8 am on 26th January, Sunday. Firstly, all the participants were registered on the registration counter and were issued a Medical record number. Additionally, data were recorded for each patient, including the patient’s name, age, gender, educational status, and any comorbid conditions. Then the patients were screened for Hepatitis B and C.

A total of 147 patients were screened.

After the screening was completed the patients were taken to a separate room where they were asked to fill the pre-evaluation forms and

then an awareness campaign was conducted. The team explained the causes of Hepatitis transmission and highlighted ways of preventing it. The participants were communicated in the local language to make sure they understood everything. After that, they were asked to fill out the post awareness forms to analyze the impact of the awareness campaign.

Out of 147 patients, one patient screened positive for Hepatitis C. Further information was taken from that patient and was then referred to Shifa International Hospital for a

qualitative PCR test where follow-up treatment of the patient would be aided by the Shifa Falahi Foundation. In this activity, we recorded data of 147 patients and we aim to not only screen more people but use this data for research purposes. We closed the camp at 3:30 pm. The locals were very pleased and thanked the team for arranging the camp.

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