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Embrace not Disgrace

May 09, 2021
May 09, 2021


‘Embrace not Disgrace’ is a short story writing competition by VFAHT AIMC-LC (Bloodborne Infections Division) in collaboration with VFAHT FJMU-LC, VFAHT SZMC-LC, and VFAHT UCMD-LC. People with HIV face stigma on several fronts because HIV touches on so many social taboos. The main theme of the stories revolves around the stereotypes associated with HIV; how HIV stigma and discrimination have affected the emotional well-being and mental health of a person living with HIV and how he/she has coped up and tackled it. More than 60 stories were submitted from all 4 councils. The judges’ panel was from National Council who read the stories and announced the top 3 winners with some special mentions. The top 3 winners were awarded cash prizes.