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Under Shadow of a Pandemic, COVID One Year Later!

June 28, 2021
Agha Khan University

June 28, 2021

Agha Khan University

Event Details:

On 28th June, AKU LC held its annual event, “Under Shadow of a Pandemic — COVID One Year Later.”  

This was a follow-up to our last year’s event, “In the Eye of the Storm,” which sought to inform medical students about the emerging global pandemic days before lockdowns began. This year’s event was headlined by the COVID-19 Quiz where the winners had a chance to win exciting prizes.  

Beyond the quiz, presentations were conducted regarding the global vaccination effort, the emergence of variants, and a team-based discussion was had regarding what medical students can do to improve the rates of vaccination in Pakistan. 

Seating capacity was maxed within minutes, and it was a great opportunity to engage with one another after an exceptionally long year. 

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