Online Campaign


July 12, 2020 – July 26, 2020
Continental Medical College

July 12, 2020 - July 26, 2020


Event Details:

VFightHepatitis was an activity planned by VFAHT CMC LC to celebrate World Hepatitis Day 2020. This activity includes categories of handmade and E-poster competition. The purpose was to target social media users for creating awareness on Hepatitis, an epidemic in our country.

The competition was open to students from Continental Medical College. It was announced on our social media platforms 18 days before the deadline i.e. (29th July 2020). Each poster was assessed based on specific Judgment criteria which were shared with the participants. To keep the competition transparent and impartial, a set of rules and regulations was shared with the participants. The idea was to assess the impart knowledge of medical students regarding Hepatitis; it is stats, causes, prevention, treatment. The motivation was to make the student think that how as medical students can we contribute to the fight against it.

The cash prizes were awarded to the top two positions in each category.

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