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Malaria and Dengue Relief Campaign

November 11, 2020 & November 13, 2020
VFAHT- Dow University of Health Sciences

November 11, 2020 & November 13, 2020

Interior Sindh

Event Details:

Following the heavy monsoon rainfall this year, many towns in interior Sindh faced flooding and subsequent stagnation of water in and around houses. This led to a rising number of dengue and malaria cases. Therefore, VFAHT-DUHS, led by its president Asma Burney, launched a campaign to raise donations to provide mosquito nets and coils to the residents of interior Sindh.


Village NameNo. of Families ServedDate of Distribution

Village Haji Sultan Panhwar

Village Hashim Panhwar

Village Hari Kohli

Village Rano Kohli

Village Rasool Bux Khaskeli

Village Achhar Panhwar

Village Khan Muhammad

245November 11, 2020

Village Dhani Bux Khaskeli

Village Qazi Khaskeli

Village Lemoon Kohli

Village Sultan Surehwal Goth

Village Sohrab Khaskeli

Village Jevan Khaskeli

165November 13, 2020

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