Public Awareness

Tuberculosis Awareness Campaign

March 26, 2024
HBS Medical and Dental College
March 26, 2024
Alipur village, Islamabad


On March 26, 2024 an awareness campaign on Tuberculosis was held at Alipur village, Islamabad. Recognizing the prevalence of TB in the area and the lack of awareness among its residents, VFAHT-HBS organized an awareness campaign on TB to educate the community about this widespread disease. The team was greeted warmly by the villagers and they delivered informative sessions on tuberculosis, covering its causes, symptoms, prevention, and treatment options to an audience of 20 villagers. They utilized engaging interactive activities to ensure that the information resonated with the audience, many of whom had limited access to healthcare resources and information. VFAHT-HBS also distributed pamphlets containing vital information and contact details of local healthcare facilities where individuals could receive further assistance.

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