Public Awareness

Poster Competition & Tuberculosis Awareness Campaign

April 06, 2024
Bahria University Medical & Dental College
April 06, 2024
Jamhooria Colony and PNS Shifa, Karachi


On April 06, 2024, VFAHT-BUHSC held an Online Poster Competition aimed to raise awareness about Tuberculosis and engage participants in creative expression. The winner of the poster competition was awarded a shield, and their poster was used as a flyer for the public awareness campaign while the participants were awarded certificates.
On May 9th, 2024, they conducted a public awareness campaign for Tuberculosis at Jamhooria Colony and PNS Shifa, Karachi reaching an audience of 80-100 individuals. The objectives of the Tuberculosis awareness campaign were to educate the public about TB, dispel myths, and promote early detection and treatment. By harnessing creativity and social media, the campaign empowered individuals to become advocates for TB awareness within their communities. The high level of participation and interaction underscored the effectiveness of online initiatives in engaging audiences and fostering dialogue on public health issues.

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