Community Health Camp

Hepatitis and HIV Screening Camp

November 14, 2023
FMH College of Medicine & Dentistry
November 14, 2023
FMH College of Medicine & Dentistry


The Hepatitis Camp held at FMH on November 14, 2023, was a huge success, drawing significant participation from patients, hospital staff, and doctors. The event provided a valuable platform for volunteers to gain exposure and engage with a large audience. Dedicated efforts were made to counsel positive patients regarding their future treatment and necessary tests. The overwhelming turnout reflects the community’s proactive approach to health awareness and underscores the impact of such initiatives.


Table 01: Hepatitis B & C and HIV Screening 

Screening Test Method HBV and HCV RDTs (Rapid Diagnostic Testing Kits)
Population Age Range (Years) 18-65


  Total Males Females
No. of Population Screened 208 83 (39.90%) 125 (60.09%)
HBsAg +ve 0 0 0
Anti-HCV +ve (0.009%) (0.004%) (0.004%)

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