Public Awareness

Community Awareness Drive on Infection Prevention week

October 20, 2021
October 20, 2021
Holy Family Hospital, Rawalpindi


On 20th Oct, VFAHT RMU conducted a community awareness drive about infection prevention in Holy Family Hospital and in its vicinity on Hep B,C & HIV. About 30 people participated in this drive and made this a huge success. We educated the patients, attendants in OPDs and wards and also approached the Chefs and working staff of restaurants around the HFH. 
Pamphlets about the prevention of Infections were also distributed. 
The diseases covered mostly in this drive were those which spread through dirty hands like Hepatitis, flu, Gastroenteritis, septicemia and COVID also. 
Our team stressed on the importance of hand hygiene and mask in prevention of all these infectious diseases. 
The social media campaign was also carried out throughout the week to highlight the importance of infection prevention. 

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