Public Awareness

Awareness Campaign

October 17, 2022
HBS Medical and Dental College
October 17, 2022
Islamabad Model School for Boys Primary Section Rawal Dam


On October 17, 2022, VFAHT-HBS&MDC organized an awareness session at Islamabad Model School for Boys (Primary Section), Rawal Dam. The purpose of this activity was to promote the practice of handwashing, educate the students regarding the benefits of handwashing, and promotion of a healthy lifestyle.
The activity involved an interactive discussion with school children educating them about hand hygiene and how by just washing their hands thoroughly they can avoid a number of different illnesses. It also included the distribution of informative brochures on hand hygiene to be distributed among the kids. The students were involved to use the knowledge gained in the activity and wash their hands thoroughly with a hand-washing liquid. A total of 100-120 students were covered during this activity.

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