Online Campaign

Awareness Campaign On Droplet-borne Mode Of Infections And Their Affect On Society

September 13, 2020 – September 19, 2020

Dow University of Health Sciences

September 13, 2020 - September 19, 2020


Event Details:

Due to the current pandemic, we decided to do a social media awareness campaign. Since coronavirus is also a droplet borne infection, so it was the need of time to educate people about this mode of transmission.

Our objectives were:

  1. To educate people about the droplet-borne mode of infection because many deadly infections are spread by this route.
  2. To help people understand and acknowledge some common droplet borne diseases.
  3. To tell masses how to prevent themselves from getting infected by these infections.

Our campaign was a 7-day campaign. Each day, a video was uploaded on social media pages of VFAHT at 3 pm and then a question regarding that video was uploaded at 7 pm.

On days 1 and 7, videos made by Avinash and Anfal were uploaded followed by respective questions. We had good social media engagement on these days.

On days 2 and 3, videos made by Varisha and Anusha were uploaded followed by their questions, we had moderate social media engagement.

On day 4, the video made by Aelia, edited by Basit and Narmeen was uploaded followed by the question. We had maximum social media engagement that day. That video is by far the most popular video on VFAHT’s DUHS page to date.

Then, on days 5 and 6, videos by Ammara and Unaiza were uploaded. We had an okayish engagement.

In conclusion, we were successful in conducting a social media awareness campaign despite all the limitations because of the lack of communication due to COVID. Moreover, two students from JSMU also participated and learned how we operate in VFAHT. The Media Department helped us a lot. The feedback was positive too and a lot of people engaged on our social media posts making this campaign a success. We hope to conduct more such awareness campaigns shortly.

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