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COVID 19 Guidelines for Healthcare Workers

March 18, 2020
National Council

March 18, 2020


Event Details:

This was a closed-ended session with 66 Medical Students from the 3rd, 4th, and Final Year. The latest updates about COVID 19 were discussed by Dr. Umair Haider.

He shed lights on:

  • Concept of Incubation Period
  • Definition of Suspected Cases
  • Who needs to be tested?
  • Which Samples to be taken?
  • Type of test.
  • Early Recognition of the case.
  • Contact and Droplet Precautions
  • Personal Protective Equipment’s (PPEs)
  • Quarantine and Isolation for COVID 19 
  • Clinical Management of Suspected or Confirmed COVID 19 Case
  • Public Health Measures

There was a 1-hour Q/A session at the end.


Dr. Umair Haider

Chief Operating Officer, Infection Prevention and Control Foundation


Dr. Ayesha Rehan

President, VFAHT National Council 2020

Event Video: