Volunteer of the Month June 2021

Volunteer Force Against Hepatitis Transmission

Khubaib Samdani


Rawalpindi Medical University

Event Details:

I joined the society because I am interested in volunteering for a public health cause, learning to work in a non-profit organization, and look closely at how they work. VFAHT is a perfect organization to work with as they have the best team in town. I felt proud when I saw the society arrange free screening camps in underprivileged areas of Rawalpindi and Islamabad. VFAHT has taught me how to work with teams, manage human resources and how to meet deadlines. I am inspired by the team members’ attitude and willingness to contribute in any way possible without being acknowledged. I met different presenters from different medical institutions in Pakistan. It broadened my horizon immensely and helped me learn so much about VFAHT policies and the attitude that could help us in eradicating Hepatitis. The Public Health Quiz in VCON2021 was an interesting and exciting experience. It introduced me to medical students from other colleges in Pakistan.  Being a volunteer of VFAHT, I am learning and growing every day.