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World Immunization Week | Awareness Campaign

April 19, 2022
April 19, 2022
Bright Star Children Academy


VFAHT – DUHS conducted an awareness session April 19, 2022 at Bright Star Children Academy, run by The Hawabai Memorial Society with the aim of spreading awareness about vaccines and immunization in Pakistan.To begin with, the team introduced themselves to the children and spent a few minutes asking questions about the previous campaign that was conducted in September 2021 by VFAHT – DUHS. The students’ recall and retention of their knowledge about dengue and malaria were quite impressive.Then, a presentation on immunization was delivered about vaccines and immunization at length. Knowledge about immunization was also imparted through videos. Live demonstrations on how to use mosquito coils, sanitizers, and mosquito repellent lotions were given.A water motor pump was donated to the school for a clean line supply of water.

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