Community Health Camp

Safe Blood Donation Camp

June 09, 2022
Khyber Girls Medical College, Peshawar
June 09, 2022
Khyber Girls Medical College, Peshawar


On June 09, 2022, IPAC Foundation and VFAHT in collaboration with the Khyber Girls Medical College, Peshawar organized a “Safe Blood Donation Camp”, to commemorate the World Blood Donor Day, 2022. 

Pakistan has very limited resources and supplies in blood banks, whereas the need is much higher. Patients, including children, suffering from hematologic diseases like thalassemia, are always in dire need and require immediate assistance with voluntary blood donations. 

The purpose of the camp was to raise awareness about the importance and need for safe blood donation and to motivate the safe practices and techniques for blood donation which help in eliminating the risk of blood-borne infections. The camp also aimed at encouraging the use of screened and safe blood for blood transfusions.


Pints of Blood Collected  70 
Age Groups  18- 50 years 
Screening Status  Blood group, Anti HCV, CBC, Total Bilirubin, Hbs Ag 
Gender Distribution  Males  20 
Females  50 



Blood Groups 

A  20 
B  15 
O  25 
AB  5 
A –  5 
B –  0 
O –  0 
AB –  0 

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