Public Awareness

Protect and Prevent: Immunization Awareness Drive

April 29, 2024
Dow University of Health Sciences
April 29, 2024
Civil Hospital. Karachi


On April 29, 2024, VFAHT-DUHS conducted a public awareness drive on immunization at Civil Hospital, Karachi. The campaign aimed to raise awareness about the importance of immunization among the public. The interaction was divided into two main components: a survey and an awareness session. The volunteers engaged with over 70 individuals at Civil Hospital, administering a survey to assess their knowledge regarding vaccines. Responses were recorded on response sheets, and participants were scored accordingly. In the awareness segment, participants were provided with comprehensive knowledge about vaccines, including their importance, schedule, and common myths and fears associated with vaccination. The volunteers effectively countered misconceptions, ensuring participants left with accurate information.
Overall, the audience response was overwhelmingly positive, indicating a high level of engagement and receptiveness to the information presented. By addressing misconceptions and providing factual knowledge, this awareness drive successfully contributed to promoting the importance of immunization within the community.

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