Community Health Camp

Medical Camp

May 17, 2023
Kitab Ghar, Lahore
May 17, 2023
Kitab Ghar, Lahore


On May 17, 2023, IPAC Foundation in collaboration with Next Generation Pakistan (NGP) organized a medical camp for the transgender community. VFAHT National Council 2023, conducted the services. The audience was screened for Hepatitis B, Hepatitis C, and HIV, along with free medical checkup and counseling to address the general concerns regarding the diseases.

The team showed full adherence to COVID-19 SOPs during the camp.


Table 01: Hepatitis B, C & HIV Screening 

Screening Test Method  HBV, HCV & HIV RDTs (Rapid Diagnostic Testing Kits) 
Population Age Range (Years)  30-40 years 


No. of Population Screened  04 
HBsAg +ve  0 
Anti-HCV +ve  0 
HIV +ve  01 (25%) 

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