Public Awareness

Malaria, Dengue & Typhoid Public Awareness Campaign

May 03, 2024
Baqai Medical University
May 03, 2024
The IJK Schooling & Coaching System, Karachi


On May 03, 2024, VFAHT-BMU conducted a public awareness campaign on malaria, dengue & typhoid at the IJK Schooling & Coaching System, Karachi engaging an audience of 70 individuals. The Hepatitis A, E, & Typhoid team stressed the importance of handwashing, teaching students the nine steps of basic hand hygiene. Meanwhile, the Malaria & Dengue team discussed causes, transmission, symptoms, and prevention methods. Candies and sweets were distributed to encourage participation. This initiative not only educated but also empowered students to prioritize health and hygiene practices, fostering a healthier community for the future.

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