Public Awareness

Immunization Week Awareness Drive

June 05, 2023
HBS Medical and Dental College
June 05, 2023
HBS General Hospital


On the June 05, 2023 VFAHT HBS organized an Immunization Awareness Campaign at HBS General Hospital.
The purpose of this Immunization Week Awareness Drive was to address the challenges by fostering a positive attitude towards vaccines and increasing vaccination coverage, increase public awareness about the benefits and importance of immunization, address vaccine hesitancy, and dispel myths through education and accurate information and encourage parents to get their children vaccinated at proper times.

The campaign aimed to reach a broad audience, including parents and caregivers with children in the recommended age groups for immunization.
Pamphlets containing information regarding vaccination schedules for children, the importance of immunization, and the consequences of not getting vaccinated were distributed among the parents and caregivers present in OPDs and wards of the hospital.

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