Community Health Camp

Hepatitis Screening and Vaccination Camp

October 02, 2023
Sheikh Zayed Medical College, Rahim Yar Khan
October 02, 2023
Rahim Yar Khan


On October 02, 2023, VFAHT-SZMC, in partnership with IPAC, organized a screening camp for Hepatitis B and C at Sheikh Zayed Medical College and the Sheikh Khalifa and H.H Sheikh Khalifa AHS Institute in Rahim Yar Khan. The camp aimed to raise awareness and offer counseling to individuals, including students and university staff, who tested positive for either one or both of these diseases.


Table 01: Hepatitis B & C Screening

Screening Test Method HBV and HCV RDTs (Rapid Diagnostic Testing Kits)
Population Age Range (Years) 17-23


  Total Males Females
No. of Population Screened 222 62  (27.92%) 160  (72.07%)
HBsAg +ve 0 0 0
Anti-HCV +ve 0   0 0

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