Public Awareness

Beyond The Needle | Safe Blood Donation Practices

June 19, 2023
Dow University of Health Sciences
June 19, 2023
The Arag Auditorium, Dow Medical College


The seminar titled “Beyond The Needle – Safe Blood Donation Practices” was organized on June 19, 2023 between 1.30 pm – 2.30 pm, at the Arag Auditorium, Dow Medical College. The event was organized in collaboration with the Patients’ Welfare Association (PWA). The seminar aimed to educate attendees about safe blood donation practices and debunk common myths associated with blood donation.The seminar began with a recitation from the Quran, followed by the national anthem. The host then introduced VFAHT and PWA, providing insights into their respective missions and objectives. The distinguished speaker, Prof. Dr. Naseem Ahmed, was then introduced, highlighting his expertise in blood transfusion medicine and safe blood donation practices. Prof. Dr. Naseem Ahmed’s presentation focused on various aspects of blood donation. He discussed the significance of blood components, emphasizing their individual importance in medical treatments.An interactive session was then conducted by volunteers from the Patients’ Welfare Association (PWA). These dedicated volunteers debunked common myths and misconceptions related to blood donation, addressing concerns and clarifying doubts from the audience. This session fostered engagement and provided accurate information, promoting a better understanding of the blood donation process.The collaboration between VFAHT and PWA showcased the importance of collective efforts in promoting safe blood donation practices and providing accurate information to the public. The seminar received positive feedback from the 60 attendees, who expressed gratitude for the informative and engaging session.

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