Public Awareness

کالا یرقان کی علامات، وجوہات، اور علاج

June 19, 2023
Dow University of Health Sciences
June 19, 2023
Dar-ul-Sakoon Old Age Home, Karachi


On the morning of June 19, 2023, VFAHT DUHS hosted an educational event at Dar-ul-sakoon Old Age Home, Karachi. The team organized multimedia and assisted in arranging seating for residents. Elderly attendees were comfortably seated in the seminar room.The objectives of the campaign were to share insights about Hepatitis and its symptoms, to raise awareness about hygiene’s role in increasing hepatitis cases, and to present preventive measures against this infection.Key points were projected on the screen, tailored to the need of the audience.The ice-breaking session encouraged introductions, a quick quiz to gauge hepatitis awareness, and assurance of enhanced knowledge by the end. Informative flyers were distributed.Volunteers then took turns explaining hepatitis details. They were well-prepared, conveying information expertly. The event closed with another quiz, boosting engagement. Attendees participated eagerly, with winners receiving ballpoint pens.Post-event, the supervisor led the on a facility tour. This enabled interactions with bedridden residents, to whom the volunteers provided informational flyers.

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